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I spent my youth as an obese kid. I was very uncomfortable with my body image, and didn't even like to smile because it emphasized how wide my face was. I experimented with different diets and different approaches to weight loss; but ultimately, the most progress came from a simple, evidence based, scientific approach. I am now an independent, NASM certified personal trainer, NASM certified nutritionist, and NASM corrective exercise specialist that lives the lifestyle I preach: I compete in Spartan Races, play ice hockey, powerlift, and maintain a 4 - 6 day a week training plan.

I am in school studying toward a B.S. in Exercise Science, and have devoted my life to helping others change their lives. I am passionate about personal training, living a healthy active life, and my clients achieving their goals. I struggled for so long with achieving my goals, and I love passing along my knowledge and assistance so that others don't have to spin their wheels.

Gabriel DeVine NASM - CPT

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