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Release of Liability / Disclaimer

Gabriel DeVine of DeVine Physiques, and any representative from DeVine Physiques (hereafter referred to as “DeVine Physiques”) is not a physician, nor a therapist / counselor, nor registered dietician. None of the contents of the website, blog, training, services, or any correspondence should be taken as medical advice. None of the information provided on the website, blog, through training / services, or any correspondence is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem or illness-- Nor is it intended to replace the advice of a physician, therapist / counselor, or registered dietician. If you have any questions regarding your health, please consult your physician; likewise, before starting any exercise or nutritional program, consult your physician and registered dietician.

I understand that by requesting a customized nutrition plan, personal training program, or engaging in a contest preparation plan, I must complete a preliminary client intake form that is provided by DeVine Physiques. If there are any limiting factors, physical conditions, or disabilities that may limit me from participating in a prescribed training or dietary plan, I must acknowledge these factors. I understand that I must accept full responsibility for my health and well-being when participating voluntarily in any new, or modified, training, fitness, or nutrition program. I participate in the activity at my sole risk and responsibility; I release, indemnify, and hold harmless Gabriel DeVine, DeVine Physiques, DeVine Physiques Trainers, and DeVine Physiques Representatives from, and against, any and all actions or claims which may be made by me, or on behalf or, or by other parties for, or in respect of, or rising out of injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my property whether by negligence, breach of contract, or in any way whatsoever. I also agree that in the event that I am injured or suffer damage, I will bring no claim, legal or otherwise against DeVine Physiques in respect of that injury or damage.

I understand that meal recommendations (sometimes referred to as “meal plans” for marketing purposes by DeVine Physiques) given are not prescribed meal plans from a registered dietician. I understand that meal recommendations are merely examples, should be treated as such, and should not be confused with meal plans from a registered dietician, nor confused with nutritional advice from a registered dietician.

I understand that any advice taken from the website, blog, through training / services, or any correspondence is taken at my own risk; Any exercises performed as a result of reading the website, blog, through training / services, or any correspondence are done at my own risk.

I understand that, for insurance purposes, my in person training sessions may be recorded (audio or video), and that these recordings will only be released through the proper channels when it is absolutely necessary to do so. Otherwise, they will remain 100% private and secure.

Package Policy

The purchase of a package is a commitment to a specific number of sessions per week over the course of a training period (A “training period” is defined as a four week period). Over the course of the training period, the purchased sessions must be used.

Payment Policy

All Payments are nonrefundable. All programs purchased must be redeemed / started within 30 days of purchase date. An Email with pertinent information to get started will be sent immediately; response is required within 15 days, otherwise the payment is forfeit and the package must be repurchased to continue forward. Full payment of the program / packages must be made according to the payment plan established between the client and DeVine Physiques. If adherence to legal payment plan terms is not met at the behest of the client, DeVine Physiques reserves the right to exercise any and all authority under the law to extract payment due from the client.

Payments can be made by credit / debit card transaction online via Square; or in person via credit / debit card or cash. Check may be accepted as payment starting at the second training period.

Payment is due every 4 weeks, or prior to the start of the following training period; whichever comes first. A downgrade in training package may only occur at the end of a training period; an upgrade in training period may occur at any point, with the difference being paid in full at the time of the agreement.

Online training payments are to be made every month via credit / debit card through Square Up invoice.

Scheduling Policy

Clients on a set schedule each week have their time slots reserved for them each week. Requests to make changes to this schedule each week must be submitted by the Sunday night prior to the coming week.

Clients not on a set schedule must make scheduling requests by the Sunday night prior to the coming week. Scheduling in this manner is purely on a first come first serve basis, which does not absolve the client of the responsibility to maintain the agreed number of sessions per week as defined by their training package.

Cancellation Terms

All payments are nonrefundable. Each training period, up to 2 training sessions may be rescheduled with 12 or more hours of notice. If no time can be found within the training period to make up the rescheduled session, the session is forfeit. Requests to reschedule with less than 12 hours of notice are not accepted, and the session is instead forfeit. No other sessions may be rescheduled during the training period, and missed sessions are forfeit.

Individual sessions may not be rescheduled.

Session Length Policy

Sessions are not explicitly timed. However:

Parking Policy

Sessions with start times between 6 AM and 5 PM may use the attached Radio Ranch parking lot. If parking in a tandem parking space within the parking lot, the client agrees to pull forward so as to not take up two parking spaces at once. Sessions with start times after 5 PM may not use the parking lot, and it is up to the client to find available parking.

Refund Policy

Payments are nonrefundable, and refunds are only made if DeVine Physiques terminates training / resigns a client. In the event of Devine Physiques resigning a client, a refund is made to the client for the unused portion of the package price, less any applicable credit card processing fees.

Termination of training initiated by the client does not result in a refund. Any unused sessions and / or payments are forfeit when training is terminated by the client.

Couples / Semi Private Training Policy

Couples sessions are linked together and must be used together. If only one member of the couple is present, both are charged for the session.